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Good Intentions for Art

I intended to write in this blog frequently, but other projects, such as my Read to Write Books blog, have competed. I have also been painting in preparation for a 3-person show at Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, California, with artists Cynthia Jensen and Susan Bercu. The opening reception is June 11, 6-8 pm.

I learn these aspects of creativity again and again: I tend to overcommit; I have more good intentions than I can fulfill. But this is okay. It’s important to keep imagining, keep working. These past several months, I’ve put energy into my painting instead of a blog on creativity — a clear case, in this instance, of right brain winning out over left. Once the work is finished for the upcoming show, I can backtrack through my sketchbook/journal and share some of the process, as well as my continued investigations into nature, creativity and art.

"Come to Me," Oil on Canvas, 52"x44"

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