A New Yorker cartoon I keep at my desk: “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.”

On January 2nd, I resolved to write in this blog every day of 2010. But already I missed two days. So I re-resolve to make new entries almost every day and, on missed days, I’ll make up by copying entries from old or new journals, in which I still write and draw regularly.

Creativity is all about finding one’s rhythm. I’m not in sync yet with daily blogging, though I am now administering five blogs. I’m discovering that for me there can be “blog brain,” just as there is “painting brain,” “novel brain,” or was once upon a time “baby brain.” They are deep holes of concentration and joy into which I free fall or have free-fallen. I didn’t think blogging could be that way, but with Read to Write Books it is.

Blogging can also be about finding one’s voice. In this way, it is similar to other writing forms, published and unpublished. As a writer, I’m aware of who I think my audiences are: journal/sketchbook = me; letters = friends and family; writing for business and nonprofit clients = clients’ audiences; agent queries = my best guess based on web bios; novels = trusted readers, children’s books = children and adults who are delighted by illustrated stories. The blogsphere is different in that its universal accessibility leaves me less sure of who my readers are, though I’m sure there are few at this point. I hope that number grows over time as I find my rhythm for these posts On Creativity.


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2 responses to “Re-resolution

  1. Elaine Maikovska

    I’m enjoying reading this as I am presently thinking about doing a blog, and thinking about what I would ever want to put down in one. Random thoughts come to mind, but would that be interesting reading?
    I can just start one, and see what happens- whether this helps or hinders my writing life. I’m thinking, I should at least pick a topic, but realize it needs to be broad enough to encompass my musings.
    I like your use of the word creativity, and was just thinking yesterday that all human beings are creative.

    • Hi Elaine,
      I just began by beginning –like writing a novel or painting a painting–starting with a blank page. For me this blog is similar to journaling in that I’m exploring thoughts, but the writing is more crafted than in my journal/sketchbooks, so it becomes a writing exercise. The ease of WordPress allows useful practice in drafting and editing.

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